Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Talent Shows

Each student can do something and has a talent able to show.Here are some talent shows;

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Final meeting

In Råsunda we meet for the last time in the project.

Friday, 16 May 2014


CYBERBULLING The PE class is finishing, all the students are going to the changing room when the teacher ask María (one of the students) Teacher - María, please, can you help me collecting the sport equipment? María - Yes, Mr. Sierra, of course!!!!
So María is the last to arrive the changing room when everyone is already leaving. While she is alone, changing clothes she heard a noise, but she doesn't give great importance.
Later this evening when she is at home her friend Alejandra phone: María - Hi Monica, what's up? Alejandra - Hi María, I have something terrible to tell you. M - You are frightening me! What’s happening? A - Well... I don't know how to tell you that... apparently someone took some pictures of you while you were in the changing room... and now... they are on the internet, and everyone have seen them M - What??!!! That can be true!!!!! Please, tell me this is a joke!!!!! A - Oh, María, I really feel sorry about that, but unfortunately it's true.
María boot her laptop and in a few minutes she is watching the pictures and crying loudly. Her Mum comes into her bedroom: Mum - María, what's happening? Why are you crying? M - Oh mum, I am so embarrassed, I can't tell you.... Mum - Of course you can!!!! I am you mother!!!!! M - Look at the screen... someone took some pictures while I was changing at the school changing room, and now, everyone have watched them on the internet. I want to die!!!! I won’t be able to go to school anymore!!!!! Mum - This is really serious!!!! It is an offense!!!!! We must talk to the Head teacher, as soon as possible. This happened in the School, and he must help us to find the responsible, solve the problem and punish them!!!!!
Next day at the Head teacher office: Mr. Gámez - Well, Mr. and Ms López, I see the problem. I am very sorry, and don't worry because we will find the responsible, we are going to check the IP address of the computer used to upload the pictures and we will know immediately who they were. Maria’s parents - Thank you, Mr. Gámez.
One hour later: Mr. Gámez - Mr. García and Mr. Pérez I have to inform you that you son and your daughter have done something really awful against one of their school mates, and for that reason they must apologize in front of the class and do some social work to repair their faults. Parents - Of course Mr. Gámez, we feel very sorry about María, and from now on, we are going to keep an eye on them very carefully!!!!!!
Next day in the classroom, Manuel and Virginia are in front of the class, they are embarrassed but they are honest: Manuel – We know we acted wrong and for that reason we want to apologize. We will never do that again. Virginia – This is the silliest thing we could have done! María, please, forgive us and let’s be friends again!
María – Ok, I forgive you! They hug each other and the students and the teacher clap.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Team-building trip

We've visited recently one of Romania's most popular touristic attractions, the Salt Mine from Turda, which is very close to our city, Cluj-Napoca. This trip gave us an opportunity not only to admire the beauties of nature but also to have fun and to learn together, like a real team :)

 We couldn't miss the chance to promote our project in the underground.:))) So, we checked the echo of the mine, which gives back the sound thirteen times!!!